Sportfishing Information


We look forward to drag- burning, elbow-wrenching, heart-stopping, rod-bending action! Virg’s fleet consists of three Coast Guard approved boats:
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Season is open May 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014

ROCK FISH (Rockcod, Lingcod)
May 1st through December, large rockfish and giant Lingcod are common catches just outside of the quiet harbors of Morro Bay. The Central Coast bottom fishing is perhaps best known for the quantity and quality of rockfish. (rockfish include a vast assortment; vermillion (reds), copper, starry, and yellow, dinner plate blues, to name a few…). The depth restriction up to 240ft. We will be fishing from Point Buchon to Cape San Martin.ALBACORE
Fabulous, sensational, and incredible are all words being used freely to describe the sizzling albacore bite that happens off the coast of Morro Bay. Our coastal waters are famous for the big 40 – 60 pound albies. Also one of the best tasting tuna in the sea. That rod bending, line pulling fight an albacore gives is stomach dropping. The excitement of that fish hitting the surface can hold a spot in your memory forever!  Season can start as early as July going as late as December.

Season opens in April. It’s the excitement of salmon fishing, the fight that folks are looking for. Hooking a king is one of the most exciting things you will ever experience. Seeing that bright, shining, silver color in the water is an addiction. Once you get one, you will never want to stop!

One of the alluring aspects of saltwater fishing is, you never know what piscatorial species you are reeling in. It could be anything from a huge tuna, to a small anchovy. Saltwater fishing is one of the most exciting sports, mostly because anyone can do it. Also eating what you catch makes it all worth the while.